Screen printing a design on a shirt can make it a uniform, an advertisement or wearable art.  And who doesn’t have a favorite in their closet! We have many t-shirt samples in our showroom to see and touch.   Pricing is based on the number of colors, print locations and the garments being printed.  There is a minimum order.  Screen set up charges apply on orders under 72 pieces…so why not order 72!!!  Call us!!!

And now a little about the techniques we use most …


This is the traditional ink used in textile printing.  The ink is plastic based and sits on top of the fabric on which it’s printed.  This is the best technique if you are trying to achieve exact color matches or if the print will be going on multiple types of fabric.  A quick note… printing light color inks on dark garments will require an underwhite layer to keep the colors true. 


Our favorite… waterbase is the softest feeling and most comfortable printing technique in our shop.  We are really changing color of the garment where it is printed.  We love working with it and the results it produces, but it does have some limitations.  If your garments are not 100% cotton the finished print may have a distressed or vintage appearance (we think it looks really cool!).  

We are always happy to help you decide which type of ink to go with based on your art, your garments and your expectations.  We will walk you through the process to make sure you know what you are getting.  You’re gonna love it.


This is a two step process.  First your design in screen printed on the garments, then a foil material is applied with heat and pressure.  If you need your design to “shine,” this is the way to go!  The result is a metallic—almost mirror-like—print.


Sparkles!!! This is a fun way to add a new dimension to your art.  It might not be for everyone, but it’s another option.  


In most cases, submitted art should be in vector format with all text saved as outlines. You can email your file to us or if it is large, upload it here. PMS color matching may be an additional charge.   If your design is not ready, our amazing art department can retrace or separate it.  Hourly art charges may apply.

Just call us!!!

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