Embroidery is the art of creating a design with thread and fabric.  And our mission is to make it look amazing!   We use precision machinery operated by our knowledgeable production staff (they’re amazing too!) using carefully digitized files.  We don’t have minimums in embroidery.  There is a digitizing fee for smaller orders, but we waive it for orders over 36 pieces! 

Embroidery costs are determined by the number of stitches, the garment ordered,  and size of the order.  Once we you have submitted your art file, we can estimate stitch count and cost.  We can embroider on almost all garments.  If we can hoop it, most likely we can embroider your design.  Some locations are more favorable than others, and we can help you determine the best for your logo application.


Embroidery brings your logo to the next level in terms of garment decoration.  Our afore mentioned amazing production team is experienced with various stitching techniques to make your design look it’s best on whatever type of garment you choose.  


When your logo needs to make an impact, 3D embroidery is an excellent choice.  It is used mostly on hats and should be used only with designs free of thin lines.  Our experienced art department can advise you if this method is right for your project.


Art can be submitted as almost any good resolution file type.  Vector art is always better but not necessary in most cases.  If your file is too big to email, click here to upload it.


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